The inn with local cuisine and an fantastic atmosphere will be the meeting point of your conference.

With a capacity of up to 50 people, an inn with fantastic local cuisine, a pub with good selection and a genuine atmosphere, we can offer you a conference experience beyond the ordinary.

Anttila is designed to give you a feeling of the old settler atmosphere up in Finnskogen. Here you will find everything from old bridges, fences and real smoke sauna, so you will get a sense of how life could lok like, in this part of Sweden a hundred years ago and earlier.

But even if the shell of the cottages is old, they have been furnished with modern facilities.

Foto Claes Thorson

If you place your conference or teambuilding activity in Anttila’s undisturbed genuine environment, with weather-beaten cottages and fences, there is nothing to disturb your concentration!

– Day conference with or without activity.

– Conference with overnight stay.

But we are warning you …
… A visit to Anttila may be addictive,
it often gives added taste and a desire to come back!